WATCH PRAYER – Pray all the time.  Pray this way: Love, just take me in.  Give me one Mind, one consciousness, and make me love my neighbor as myself.  All is Love, peace, harmony.  Heaven is right here.  Love reigns.  There is no strife.  Peace, be still.  Truth has destroyed the error.  Love has destroyed all hate.  All is Love, peace, and joy.  After praying, be willing to be fitted to receive the blessing you ask for.

(Mrs. Eddy said: These ‘watch prayers’ are righteous prayers which are for the purpose of antidoting unrighteous prayers, and are in accord with the statements of Jesus, Mark 13:37 and Luke 12:39. The Lord’s Prayer is a ‘watch prayer’.) Mary Baker Eddy     (Oakes, Richard, Course In Divinity and General Collectanea, p.56)

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