Neither mesmerism, hypnotism, theosophy, esoteric magic nor wicked mental or audible arguments can affect me. God governs me. Justice, Truth, Love govern us, and nothing else can or does affect us in the least.

    (Thrice each day from one half to one hour.)

     Then have faith in God. Know that faith as a grain of mustard seed can remove mountains, and have no faith in evil. Know that it cannot do anything, that it is nothing. Know that God is all. The wrath of man shall praise Thee and the remainder of wrath shalt Thou restrain. All things work together for good to them that love God. See I Thess 5.   Mary Baker Eddy   (Oakes, Richard, Course In Divinity and General Collectanea, p.74)


Take half an hour each day to declare the Truth about mental malpractice.  When you do it know that you are handling error that is trying to prevent Christian Science from raising the dead.  Mary Baker Eddy   (Oakes, Richard, Mary Baker Eddy’s Lessons of the Seventh Day, p.137)




Beloved Students:

Disband your meeting today and never meet again to do what is not carried out scientifically.  Each one do the work of daily duty. Each one realize the allness of God, good, and that there is no opposite evil. Do not meet together to discuss or to direct the prayers of Scientists unless I call you together. Each one pray daily and not ask amiss. I have known of the discord before of prayer that is amiss., You all can know that newspaper men will not publish aught against Christian Science. Please know this – and also know that you can do this separately as well as together. 

                      With love,

                            Mother, M. B. Eddy

I forgot to say this: Take up nobody personally but let your prayer be impersonal and God will bless the right. Do not think of me or my affairs. Let God do this and you invoke a general blessing.  Mary Baker Eddy   (Carpenter, Gilbert, Watches, Prayers and Arguments, p.12)


…This is the cyclone hour with our cause when any weather vane must veer with the wind in order to indicate the right course.  What seems best today, tomorrow may make not best.  Be strong and clear in your convictions that God, not malicious animal magnetism, is influencing your actions.  In order to be this, you must surely pray daily that God, good, divine Love – your only Mind – be followed, be loved, be lived by you.  Mary Baker Eddy  (Grekel, Doris, The Forever Leader, p.86)



     “Hear, 0 Israel, for the Lord, our God, is one God”.

       You are not to come in your own name to pray.

       You are not to control any mind.

       You are to come only in the divine strength, and know that God will rule and does, and that hypnotism and evil minds cannot and do not control men or governments.

       All power is God, good.

       This is my only formula to Christian Scientists for prayer, and God will give you faith that will remove mountains.  Mary Baker Eddy   (Carpenter, Gilbert, Watches, Prayers and Arguments, p.12)


WATCH – Students do not pray enough. They should go by themselves at least three times a day to pray. Their prayers should consist of much divine thanks, more realization of the perfect, as well as the denial of error. There is too much denial of error and too little realization of the perfect.  Mary Baker Eddy   (Carpenter, Gilbert, Watches, Prayers and Arguments, p.6)


WATCH – Make supplication to God daily that you may be delivered from all beliefs of sin or of sickness, and after doing this, then turn to and demand of yourself to realize their unreality, and recognize your power over the temptation to yield to any such an illusion.  Mary Baker Eddy   (Carpenter, Gilbert, Watches, Prayers and Arguments, p.6)


Beloved Students at Pleasant View:

Handle electricity of mortal mind, no arsenical poison, no belief of nerves. Love governs all.  One Mind, one Truth. God is All-in-all. Jesus knew the hour of temptation and wept, but he also knew the power of Love supreme over all the errors of sense. No lie stands in the presence of Truth. No theosophy, black magic. No destructive electricity. “He commanded and it stood fast.” God, good, is All. (Take this up every morning and evening until I tell you to change your prayers.)   Mary Baker Eddy  (Carpenter, Gilbert, Watches, Prayers and Arguments, p.19)