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The Christian saith, “Christ (God) died for me, and came to save me;” yet God dies not, and is the ever-presence that neither comes nor goes, and man is forever His image and likeness. “The things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.” (2 Corinthians iv. 18.) This is the mystery of godliness — that God, good, is never absent, and there is none beside good.   (Eddy, Mary Baker, Unity of Good, 62:3-10)

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There is no Matter – 11

     Taste.  Mortal mind says, “I taste; and this is sweet, this is sour.” Let mortal mind change, and say that sour is sweet, and so it would be. If every mortal mind believed sweet to be sour, it would be so; for the qualities of matter are but qualities of mortal mind. Change the mind, and the quality changes. Destroy the belief, and the quality disappears. 

     The so-called material senses are found, upon examination, to be mortally mental, instead of material. Reduced to its proper denomination, matter is mortal mind; yet, strictly speaking, there is no mortal mind, for Mind is immortal, and is not matter, but Spirit. (Eddy, Mary Baker, Unity of Good, p.35:1-12)

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There is no Matter – 4

     What is this mind? It is not the Mind of Spirit; for spiritualization of thought destroys all sense of matter as substance, Life, or intelligence, and enthrones God in the eternal qualities of His being.

     This lower, misnamed mind is a false claim, a suppositional mind, which I prefer to call mortal mind.  True Mind is immortal. This mortal mind declares itself material, in sin, sickness, and death, virtually saying, “I am the opposite of Spirit, of holiness, harmony, and Life.”  (Eddy, Mary Baker, Unity of Good, p.32:11-19)

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Thanksgiving Day – 2

      And the baby! Why, he made a big hole, with two incisors, in a big pippin, and bit the finger presumptuously poked into the little mouth to arrest the peel! Then he was caught walking! one, two, three steps, – and papa knew that he could walk, but grandpa was taken napping. Now! baby has tumbled, soft as thistle-down, on the floor; and instead of a real set-to at crying, a look of cheer and a toy from mamma bring the soft little palms patting together, and pucker the rosebud mouth into saying, “Oh, pretty!” That was a scientific baby; and his first sitting-at-table on Thanksgiving Day – yes, and his little rainbowy life – brought sunshine to every heart. How many homes echo such tones of heartfelt joy on Thanksgiving Day! But, alas! for the desolate home; for the tear-filled eyes looking longingly at the portal through which the loved one comes not, or gazing silently on the vacant seat at fireside and board – God comfort them all! we inwardly prayed – but the memory was too much; and, turning from it, in a bumper of pudding-sauce we drank to peace, and plenty, and happy households.  (Eddy, Mary Baker, Miscellaneous Writings, p.231:16-4)