Morning Meal

“This spiritual meeting with our Lord in the dawn of a new light is the morning meal which Christian Scientists commemorate. They bow before Christ, Truth, to receive more of his reappearing and silently to commune with the divine Principle, Love.” (Science and Health 34:10-14)

In Matt 5:16 Jesus states, “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Does this describe you and me? What prevents us from being this light to the world? How can we change our lives so that we express this light, which Jesus describes in the Bible, and thus take up our watch as Watchkeepers?

Join us as we learn more of His light and His magnificent manifestation. See more of His grasp on the most intimate details of our lives. Watch His blessings, and watch His sovereign unfoldment of every detail of our day that becomes His very embrace of our soul on earth.

The Morning Meal gatherings will be offered in your own city during a 5 day period. Dates to be chosen by the pupils.

Content: Gaining a close, personal and intimate relationship with God; “a proper sense of sin, repentance, and the understanding of good.” (Miscellaneous Writings 107:14-17); and handling animal magnetism.

Cost will be $150 per student. Payment plans are available.

Gathering size may vary from one student up to twelve.

FRANK L. SANDERS has been in the Public Practice of Christian Science healing since June of 1972. He became a teacher of Christian Science in December of 1985.

For further information on The Morning Meal gatherings or for Christian Science healing contact Mr. Sanders at: